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Palm Massage


Listening, comfort, platonic touch
Session Rate: $100/hr + travel
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Relaxation, release, tailored to your needs
Session Rate: $120/hr + travel
Studio in Baldwin Village, Toronto



Certified as a Thai massage practitioner half a decade ago, I have since worked in Toronto’s premiere Thai massage establishments as a Senior Practitioner.  I currently take great privilege in volunteering bodywork services to the People With Aids Foundation and Hospice Toronto. 

For over 20 years, my work has centered in public service, providing conflict resolution in human rights, labour, and gender equity.  Thai Massage has allowed me to channel that same spirit of service and empathy, with the energy healing I was trained for as a Reiki practitioner, and the strength and sense of calm I gained from my own physical conditioning and meditation practices.

My approach is intuitive, gentle and informed by my work as a Certified Therapeutic Cuddlist, an Ambassador for the Body Electric School, and formal student of Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, through which I have become passionate about learning how to give caring touch, being present and creating safe spaces for expression.  My current exploration of contact improv dancing has added a layer of “body listening” to my practice. 

We’ll spend the first few minutes discussing how you are feeling and what you’d like to focus on in your body, what you are comfortable with, and depth of touch you prefer.  Sessions are tailored to your needs – lying down, sitting or on your side.

My clients have expressed a release in long-held body tension and feeling a sense of deep relaxation.

With each treatment, I carry the intention of providing a healing experience using an intuitive and compassionate touch.


"Vincent's deep nurturing touch, combined with his skills and compassion was one of the best healing treatments I have received in the last 25 yrs. My body trusted immediately upon contact and the releases were deep and profound. The effects of treatment were reverberating for days."

Christine Becktel, Dipl.ST.

"My session with Vincent was one of the best massages I have ever received. He created a deeply nourishing, supportive, and safe space to unwind, relax, and release tension. I left the massage feeling like a new person, and felt the benefits for many days. I highly recommend Vincent to anyone."

Mila Wood, Founder of Sing for Joy

“I felt so incredibly safe with Vinny, and am grateful to have worked with him in my first cuddlist experience. He set me at ease with his deep honoring of the boundaries I set beforehand, open communication, warm personality, and gentle nurturing embrace. His professional space was easy to find, bright, clean, and quiet. It felt like a cozy cocoon in the middle of the City. I left feeling very seen, held, and nourished and I look forward to scheduling another session with Vinny in the future”

Sabrina Sundari, Regression Therapist

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